Bet Fury – Get 1800 Satoshi Daily

Bet Fury has one of the highest paying free bitcoin faucets, you can claim up to 1800 satoshi daily, 25 satoshi every 20 minutes.

This website is a big gambling website and has hundreds of bitcoin being bet every day, the faucet is way to introduce you to the website and let you try gambling, if your lucky you can win big amounts without even putting in any money yourself.

On offer is dice, crashes, many types of poker machines and roulette tables, black jack, nearly any type of bitcoin gambling game you can imagine is available on Bet Fury.

Not only can you claim big amounts of bitcoin, you can use these free credits to gamble with which will mine a token called BFG token, these tokens will give you a share of profit generated from this website.

The more BFG tokens you hold in your wallet, the more profit you will earn.

One of the easiest ways to mine BFG tokens is by playing the dice game using your free credits, i wrote a tutorial here.

Bet Fury is one of the best looking gambling and faucet websites i have come across and it pays huge amounts compared with most faucets, you can claim up to 48,000 satoshi every month from this website if you were claiming 24 hours a day.


Click here to create your account on Bet Fury

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